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Produce Grown at huns garden


1.  Mustard (Mizuna, red mustard, mustard cabbage, arugula)

2.  Red and yellow Onion, onion chieves, garlic chieves, and garlic

3.  Egg plant, Green beans, yard long beans

4.  Red and white radishes

5.  Mints (apple, spear, and pepper)

6.  Pak Choi (Fun jen, Green baby pak choy, Red baby pak choi, yellow pak choi)

7.  Red  and green leaf lettuces

8.  Romaine letuces

9.  Curly mustard

10. cilantro, dills

11.  Hierloom and Cherry Tomatoes

12.  Snow peas shoot and pods

13.  purple top white globe turnip and Seven top turnip

14.  Basils (sweat, lemon, thai, holly, purple, ka paw, and Italian)

15.  Red and Yellow purslan

16.  spinach (Africa Spinach, tyee, and Bloomsdale)

17.  yu choy sum or choi sum

18.  Fresh ginger root

19.  Red mustard, Collard

20.  Sage, Epazote

21.  Italian parsley (curly, and flat leave)

22.  Bitter Melon Leaves and Bitter Melon Fruits

23.  malokhiya (egyptain spinach).

24.  polk salads

Fresh Ginger Root and Fresh cut flowers

Fresh Ginger will be available from September thru frost.

Fresh cut flower will be available from mid-March thru October (or deep freeze).