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2007 Photo gallery

Huns Garden is in it's 3rd year of production in the Kansas City, KS area.  We are proud to be part of the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture (KCCUA).  The seeding bed below is rented from KCCUA. 

Seeding inside green house

Mylokhiya plant

young Bitter melon plant get frost bite

freezing temperature can be deatthly for young bitter melon plant even under the shelter of heated grean house

setting up main supporting line for netting

pull twine to tye into simple nut at the end post for basic support of netting

training bitter melon vine is easy

Training bitter melon vine is fast and easy.  Simple twisting of the vine around the supporting yarn is good enough.

Cooking demo shelter for 2007 farm tour

Farm tour group #2

Courious guess wounder how the huns grows thier vegetable among living mulch

Transplant young plant into ground

Chaxamone is transplanting young romaine lettuce into the rough ground.

showing children how easy trellis can be make

Pov is showing young children how easy it is to make trellis net to support bitter melon vine

nitting yarn can be use to make strong supporting trellis

making trellis is very easy. 

Bitter melon vine need to be pick up every 3-4 days

This picture show how fast one can lost control of untrain bitter melon vine.  This picture is taken 5 days after the last vine was pick up from the ground back onto the trellis

Farm tour group #1

Reporter and photographer for magazine and newspaper

Farm tour Group #3

NCR SARE  Grant staff and other who came out to see if there is really crop under those tall weeds

Farm tour Group #4

Huns garden is a natural farm.  We are finding creative ways to farm and to coexist with mother nature.  We farm without the use of any type of irrigation.  The only source of our water is rain.  We use the living mulch (weeds) to help shading our youg plant from the hot sun.  Many people who has visit the farm during the tour has seem the opposite of the norm in farming practice.  

We appreciate all of our visitor who has come from all part of the city to visit us.  Many has a chance to talk to us, other are very far away that couldn't hear what has been said.  Also, we are sorry that a couple of groups pictur are accidentally got erase when we try to transfer.

Many has given bad direction to the farm.  We are sorry that some of the sign we put up are small and hard to see.   Anyway, we are glad that all who want to come to see us has come and find us.  We will take in your comment seroiusly and hope to improve up on that for the further farm tour.